FERROCAMPUS of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, demonstration territory for Europe's Rail

FERROCAMPUS of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, demonstration territory for Europe's Rail

The key issue? Propose financially acceptable solutions to promote the development of rail mobility, particularly for low-density lines, by improving the quality of services expected by customers such as connectivity, safety and regularity.

By 2030-2050, the modes of transport that can accommodate a significant increase of users and goods traffic must reinvent themselves more than ever, both ecologically and therefore energetically, as well as technologically. The rail sector is constantly being called upon to reinvent itself in order to meet the needs of new mobility services. Within the framework of their competences, the European regions must participate in the rail Europe of tomorrow. This requires the creation of synergies between local, regional but also European actors. SMEs, engineering schools, training centers, industrial groups in the sector are thus called upon to collaborate and address the issues surrounding trades and training, new perspectives of mobility, construction and maintenance.

In this context, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region has created a green and digital transition acceleration program for low-density regional lines called FERROCAMPUS.

Through a strategy of global demonstration on real trains, lines and shared data platform, FERROCAM-PUS is preparing the future of regional rail mobility in Nouvelle-Aquitaine with the possibility of rethink-ing the entire regional rail system covering traffic management, vehicles, infrastructure and services. The technical means of demonstration made available represent an investment of €45 million.

FERROCAMPUS focuses on innovation projects such as the greening of rolling stock, safety and on-board connectivity, remote signage and maintenance, the "intelligent transport of the future" that will have to be able to deploy emerging technologies with the integration of digital solutions, artificial intel-ligence as well as the promotion of innovation within its deployment program.

At the French level, FERROCAMPUS is already working with Alstom, SNCF, THALES, WABTEC and CAF on new solutions for regional lines through demonstrations on its territory. The objective is now to partici-pate in the European dynamic through Europe's Rail.

The success of revitalizing and regenerating low density traffic lines, making them economically, social-ly and environmentally sustainable, creating seamless links across the whole transport infrastructure and, by all this, supporting the competitiveness of the whole sector.

Welcome to experience the future of regional lines with FERROCAMPUS !