• MARCH - 2017

    Frauscher becomes a member of Alstom Alliance

    Frauscher and Alstom deepen their relationship in a long-term leading supplier agreement.

    Frauscher has joined the Alstom Alliance, the strategic partnership program of Alstom.

    The charter was signed by Olivier Baril, CPO Alstom, and Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology. Alstom Alliance acknowledges approx. 30 companies who work closely with Alstom in terms of business development, industrial excellence as well as products and innovations.

    “It is a key objective of Alstom to fulfill customer’s expectations of quality, excellence, innovation and costs.

    Therefore we are sure that it is more important than ever today to attract and develop jointly rewarding, long-term partnerships with suppliers who have proven ability in the increasingly competitive global railway market.

    Companies who are known to deliver the highest quality, most innovative and costefficient products to market in a reliable, ethical and timely fashion are acknowledged and supported through Alstom Alliance.

    Frauscher fits perfectly with these requirements and we are looking forward to a close cooperation”, said Olivier Baril.

    Michael Thiel agrees and emphasizes Frauscher’s view on the most important corner stones of the agreement: “We think that sharing strategic information and business intelligence implies great value for Frauscher and Alstom as suppliers, as well as for our customers.

    In the end it is them who benefit from improved operational performance due to useful capacity adjustments, continuous value chain optimization and even greater innovative strength based on an open exchange of requirements and approaches of global players.”

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