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    EASYDUR, a company that since 30 years develops and produces testing and measuring instruments that ensure maximum precision and reliability, certified according to ISO 9001. The wide range of measuring instruments (also fully automatic) for tensile and compression, torsion and hardness tests and the advanced vision systems for image analysis, reply to the most varied demands of the railway industry. Every instrument can also be customized since EASYDUR develops in-house both the software and the hardware.


    “Electromechanical stress machine”

    FAT – Shock Absorber is an electromechanical machine for fatigue tests with brushless motor and ball screws, designed to measure forces in extension and compression and that is suitable for tests on shock absorbers.

    The machine can work at different degrees of inclination, thanks to a rotating chassis, from a vertical position to a horizontal one with automatic regulation of the working stroke, from 200 to 900 mm.

    Electromechanical instrument for fatigue test, particularly suitable for tests on shock-absorbers. Measures forces in extension and compression and allows working at different angles, thanks to it rotating structure.


    AURA CHASSE: compression tests on railway springs

    Instrument with mobile crossbar from 5 up to 60 tonnes for compression tests for railway use, equipped with a “chasse” test device.


    • Possibility of measuring by load or by position
    • Measurement of the free height of the spring
    • Automatic indication of the lateral “chasse” and of its respective angle.
    • Measurement of lateral force
    • Measurement of lateral rigidity
    • Lower bench XY motor-driven and digitalised with resolution 0.01 mm
    • Disc marked as a goniometer to indicate chasse marking
    • Computer and software included
    • Data acquisition at 1000 Hz


    BOGIE PORTAL: compression tests on railway bogies

    Portal with fixed crossbar 20+20 tonnes for compression tests on bogies. Equipped with two electric or hydraulic pressers, with optional “chasse” test device.


    • The software is set up to insert in the worksheet also the geometric data of the bogie under load, measured manually or automatically by sensors and measuring cameras, to check the different heights and widths of the bogie.
    • Possibility of inserting load cells to check the force on the wheel axles and of inserting a third horizontal piston to check also the front or lateral thrusts.
    • Manual or automatic opening of the pressers, possibility of performing also fatigue tests with the hydraulic system.
    • Possibility of performing tests on railway springs, using a suitable support.



    AURA CHASSE HYDRAULIC MODEL is a coil spring scragging and load deflection (chasse) testing machine, hydraulic type.

    Three cells are mounted in the instrument at 120° for axial load calculation with a read speed of 1000 Hz and 100.000 parts divisions for an high resolution real time reading.

    The cells are protected against overload and with the release of the automatic axis in the event of out of scale values or of unforeseen impact and they have integrated compensation of cell sagging. Cells load vary from 10T to 100 T within a 0.5 precision class.

    The instrument is equipped with:

    • XY digitalized lower table with a 0.01 mm resolution
    • Linear encoder for height measuring with 0.005 mm divisions
    • Metal pins system for locking and unlocking
    • Fully 360° engraved Chasse disc
    • Electronic handwheel for manual movements with precision 0.003 mm
    • Integrated network card, USB
    • Interface for acquisition of external data such as gauges, comparators, etc.
    • Possibility of interface with customer quality system

    The instrument is equipped with a touch screen computer and a software entirely developed by Easydur and based on Windows, with internal management of archives, statistics and certificates in Excel format, totally modular and customisable by the customer.

    Software capabilities:

    • Customisable real time test diagram
    • Elasticity and rigidity diagrams
    • Easily readable and exportable ASCII archive
    • Media, sigma, Gaussian curves, CP, CPK
    • Absolute automatic reset
    • Relative reset with respect to opening, e.g. of the free spring

    Obtainable results:

    • Force to position (N)
    • Position to force (mm)
    • Free lenght (L0)
    • Springrate
    • Lateral force (N)
    • Lateral stifness (stifness)
    • Lateral shift (mm)
    • Speedy block research
    • Movements with a sinusoidal profile (for stress cycles).

    Loading and unloading of the spring on the instrument can be totally automated by using a motorized cart with automatic opening and closing of the protection door. The user will only have to press the “GO” button for a complete test cycle;


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