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    Customized solutions for highest demands        

    SAB Bröckskes develops and produces flexible cables and wires, special cables, temperature measurement and cable harnessing for the railway industry. In order to meet the current challenges the railway industry is confronted with, railway cables are extremely important, and that is why customers come to SAB Bröckskes.

    Whether it is the current supply on board or in the base of the rail, various control tasks, data transmission or a complete cable network, cables with the highest performance requirements are necessary. On top of being halogen-free, used railway cables have to be flame proof and self-extinguishing, and they must not enhance flame propagation.

    At SAB Bröckskes we combine all of these requirements in our registered trademark SABIX rail cables, which fulfil the highest safety standard accreditation to DIN EN 45545-2, confirmed by the laboratory for flame protection, Currenta and VDE. If you find a suitable cable, we will design it to your individual requests.

    Bus-cables for Railway Technology

    With the new CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT7 Ethernet cables, SAB Bröckskes broadens its product portfolio for railway vehicles and offer additional cables. The Ethernet Cables fulfil the fire protection standard DIN EN 45545. After passing the tests regarding flame propagation, smoke density and toxicity, SAB Bröckskes is able to offer Ethernet cables for railway technology that are externally certified.

    Cables for signal-transmission in the Railway Technology

    The specially developed data cable SABIX R 605 FRNC with coloured cores for railway vehicles, the screened type SABIX R 615 FRNC and the pair wise twisted type SABIX R 645 FRNC TP all offer maximum planning reliability and high comfort for the installation of cables in railway vehicles. In addition to high flexibility, these cables are manufactured to the highest safety standards.

    SABIX Rail Control

    SAB Bröckskes control cable SABIX R 600 FRNC with externally certified materials to DIN EN 45545-2 accreditation and the screened type SABIX R 638 FRNC are suitable for flexible applications in railway vehicles. For our single-core cables, SABIX A 146 FRNC and SABIX A 156 FRNC, the high requirements to DIN EN 45545-2 have been confirmed.

    High-security cable technology

    SABIX combines progressive cable technology with the highest security. When used properly, there is no health risk associated with SABIX. All SABIX products are completely recyclable and can be reused after decomposition.
    Standard halogen-free cables offer a large degree of safety to humans, nature, buildings and machinery, but they are often too inflexible to compete with PVC in all applications. This is not the case with SABIX, which possesses several technical advantages when compared with PVC.

    Some of the advantages include:

    • Oil resistant to DIN VDE + EN
    • Flexible at low temperatures up to -40°C
    • Heat resistant up to 90°C
    • Suitable for outdoor applications
    • Extremely flexible
    • Good capacitance values
    • Increased abrasion resistance
    • Fully recyclable
    • Low smoke density to DIN VDE, IEC, BS + EN
    • Flame retardant and self-extinguishing to DIN VDE, IEC + EN
    • Halogen-free acc. to DIN VDE + IEC

    Research & Development

    In order to successfully meet the challenges of both today and the future, innovative endeavours are of great importance to SAB Bröckskes. We are continuously engaged in new and further development of our products in order to complete our cable range and to extend and strengthen our market position.

    We are manufacturing products of the highest quality for the market, supported by intensive development, research and testing. New products are a result of a close communication between customers, sales and development departments, laboratories and raw material suppliers.

    SAB Bröckskes takes care of all testing methods required by the VDE as well as of numerous international approvals. We also use many other testing devices, such as our reversed bending machine for extreme strength and long-term testing.

    About SAB Bröckskes

    More than 60 years of experience in temperature measurement and control technique and cable production have made a one-man business become a company with nearly 500 staff members. At Bröckskes, we see ourselves as both manufacturer and service provider, in the sense of real partnership and customer-oriented work.
    Our strength is not only the production of standard products but also the development and manufacturing of special products accredited to customers' specifications. Every year we manufacture more than 1,500 special products to individual requests. Every single product is a challenge for our technical team.


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    Rail Cable According to DIN 45545-2

    Fire protection in rail vehicles remains a very important issue for the responsible persons of railway industry

    In order to maintain general safety of passengers, the requirements on cables in rail vehicles have always been very high. The new European Standard DIN EN 45545-2 goes on to increase the requirements regarding fire protection in rail vehicles. Besides being halogen free all used cables have to be flame retardant and self-extinguishing and are not allowed to contribute to fire propagation.

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