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CH-8570 Weinfelden
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    Compotech AG is a leading company in developing and manufacturing components and systems for train interiors made of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP). Typical products are wall- and ceiling-panels, window frames, housings, end linings, door pillars, seat-shells, rack- and cabin systems and structural parts. The Swiss company has established as a reliable and innovative partner to the international rolling stock industry.

    With the available technology Compotech AG offers unique opportunities with regard to tailored solutions based on thermo-setting plastics for every need. Their approach to this ideal is based on intensive engineering and a sharing of technology with their customer to achieve the best solution.

    Fulfilling strict norms of flame resistance, smoke emission and toxicity, Compotech AG contributes to the highest safety grade for railway users. FRP fulfils following norms:

    • DIN 5510-2
    • NF F 16-101
    • BS 8653
    • EN 45545-2
    • UNI CEI 11170

    FRP components / systems have proven themselves to be advantageous in train construction. They are:

    • light-weight
    • flexible in design
    • high quality
    • non-corrosive
    • economical

    Fibre composites allow quick assembly, yet proven long-time service and maintaining high impact resistance and an overall resistance to wear and tear. Compotech AG has also successfully introduced products which are specifically designed to resist vandalism attempts.

    Innovative Technologies (Core Technologies)

    Compotech AG is familiar with a wide range of different processes. The experience of about 55 years allows giving technical assistance in designing new products. The knowledge of materials, their properties and behaviour help to find the most suitable solutions for the customer. The core technologies are:

    • “Forming”: SMC hot pressing, 9 presses are available, two of the them with clamping-forces up to the 2 000 tonnesfor production of components up to 3x2,5 metres in size
    • Painting line with modern facilities are available for additional coloration in the best quality
    • The experience and skills allow optimum bonding and fully-assembled systems

    Reference Project for our Customers (Alstom, Bombardier, Siemens, Stadlerrail):

    • ICE-3 / ICT
    • Thameslink
    • ÖBB
    • FLIRT
    • S-Bahn Zürich
    • DML AM08 Brüssel
    • DOSTO
    • Desiro ML ÖBB
    • SWT


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