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    BELGORAIL is a railway verification, testing and certification body created in 2004 by Vinçotte (inspection and certification company), Transurb Technirail (railway engineering company) and Agoria (the Belgian federation of the technology industry).  Since its creation, the company has enjoyed fast development and is now positioned as a significant structure in the railway sector.

    BELGORAIL’s accreditations relating to the requirements for certification and inspection tasks have been granted by BELAC (the authority that operates under the responsibility of the Belgium State) under the reference 335-PROD and 335-INSP).

    We are also an active member of NB-RAIL, the coordination group of Notified Bodies for Railway products and systems, and in other coordination groups set up by the European Railway Agency (ERA).

    More than 10 years of experience

    The company started its activities as certification body in the railway industry for the certification of conformity of vehicles, equipment or installations with national rules as Designated Body or with European technical norms and standards as Notified Body under the number 1615 received from the European Commission.

    BELGORAIL certifies IC constituents or applies the EC verification process of the railway subsystems as defined by the Interoperability Directive for Infrastructure, Energy, Rolling Stock and Control-Command and Signalling.  

    We also carry out missions as an ISA (Independent Safety Assessor) according to the standards EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 and intervene as an Independent Assessor in the field of Common Safety Method for risk management according to European Regulation 402/2013/EU.

    BELGORAIL is the first European certification body to be accredited for Certification of Entities in Charge of Maintenance under the provisions of Article 10.2 of Regulation 445/2011/EU (ECM) and the certification of Maintenance Workshops (also possible integrating the VPI criteria). Certifications can be combined with ISO 9001 certification in partnership with  Vinçotte.

    Achieving these various accreditations and recognitions enables the company to offer its customers a wide range of services in the area of certification of rail transport products and systems, mainly in Belgium and its neighbouring countries but also in other countries where transport system investment are important.  

    Moreover, BELGORAIL is an entity in charge of the coordination and the realisation of tests for rolling stock tests mostly in Belgium and Luxembourg.

    International presence

    The company is active as Designated Body in countries like Algeria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Spain.  

    In line with the strategy of growth of BELGORAIL, in the second half of 2012 BELGORAIL began to develop its activities in Spain and in Portugal. The arrival of the company in the Spanish rail sector has been received very positively, introducing an element of healthy competition to the Spanish market in a context of improving service provision in this area for infrastructure managers, operators, manufacturers of rolling stock and the industry in general. As result the company has decided to establish a branch in Madrid in 2015.  

    We are also considering foreign markets not only in Europe, but for instance also in Morocco, Algeria, India, Turkey and the Middle East.


    BELGORAIL aims to be a reference and added value organisation in the rail and transportation sector for all assessment activities (type conformity, production quality management system, testing, significant technical or operational change, safety, maintenance, etc.) corresponding to the lifecycle of a vehicle or a railway line.

    This result can only be achieved by always factoring in our key objectives in terms of quality which are:

    • Ensure rigour and impartiality in our methods
    • Avoid any conflict of interests
    • Guarantee confidentiality on information provided to us in the framework of our assessments
    • Ensure that certificates issued by Belgorail are recognised internationally, in particular through compliance with the normative documents and standards applicable to our activities as an Inspection and Certification Body.


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