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    Integrated solution for rail and transport companies

    German software specialist ZEDAS is an innovative medium-sized company with more than 28 years of experience and success especially in Germany and Switzerland. Our seamless, tailor-made software-solution provides rail and transport companies with integrated rail transport management, connecting the processes of shunting and long haul logistics, as well as the maintenance and synchronization of rail infrastructure and vehicle fleets.

    “zedas®asset” enables user to monitor the condition of infrastructural networks and vehicle fleets, and to control the efficient deployment of maintenance resources. The solution evaluates the operating data obtained from online diagnostics or inspection, and enables forecasts to be made about asset behaviour.

    Rail transport companies, operators of works and port railways, and the providers of shunting services can use “zedas®cargo” to manage, control, monitor and document all kinds of rail freight transport, from the signing of contracts to planning, operation and invoicing.


    Everything mobile
    The mobile application for all zedas® products makes it possible for locomotive drivers, wagon technicians and inspectors at any location to access selected information and to then use this information for the tasks that their jobs involve. The use of these applications reduces the number of complex consultation meetings required, as well as the keeping of records and automatically delivers exact data for any analyses.


    zedas®asset for vehicle fleets
    Increase asset availability of your vehicle fleet and minimize shutdowns due to technical failures with zedas®asset.


    zedas®asset for railway infrastructure
    Measurement data and maintenance history evaluated with new integrated data analysis methods showing the future condition for a comprehensive investment planning.


    zedas®cargo for long-haul and shunting traffic
    Plan, monitor and invoice your extensive orders in rail freight traffic more efficient!


    zedas®cargo for port railways
    Coordinate port management, railway undertakings (RU) and terminals and plan as well as calculate track capacities more efficiently.


    Comprehensiveasset management for rail vehicle fleets
    Logistics software for rail freight transport
    The logistics software for shunting traffic
    Track capacity management for port railways
    Continuous linear asset management for rail infrastructure

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