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    Solutions for Rolling Stock

    Eurotech develops EN 50155 compliant rugged solutions that are the perfect answer to all the needs of the IT infrastructure on board of rolling stocks: data acquisition and computing, train control, communication, information to passenger and services to the operators. Eurotech platforms not only provide a very rugged and reliable design, but also come standard with advanced auto-diagnostic functionality for monitoring system status, temperature and operation. These systems can also feature remote status monitoring with pre-alarm utilities to further simplify maintenance and enhance system reliability.

    On board computer - Driver’s console

    Eurotech rugged platforms are the ideal solution for the “connected train”: on board computers, network appliances, intelligent panel PCs for Human Machine Interface , Mobile Access Routers for train to ground communication and for wireless services to passengers.

    Public Address - Passenger Information System – Entertainment

    Eurotech offers an integrated infotainment solution for passengers to meet today’s requirements from both business travelers and tourist passengers: on board wireless connections, internet and mobile phones, even for high speed trains. Basic and advanced passenger information as well as audio and video channels are managed through Eurotech EN50155 compliant rugged displays.

    Security and Surveillance

    Nowadays security and surveillance play a key role on the transportation of people and goods. Eurotech offers a complete solution for video recording and subsequent data analysis specifically designed for the rolling stock market.

    Passenger counting - Ticketing and passenger services

    Eurotech passenger counting devices and data collections software allow operators to know the distributions of passengers over the time. By analyzing collected data, operators can optimize the timetables for every route. Eurotech supplies also portable computers to be used by the on board and service personnel for ticketing, information to passengers on the train network, timetables and for maintenance purposes.



    Eurotech: Dynatem introduces CPU-162-14, a Rugged COM Express Module With Second Generation Intel® Core i7™

    The CPU-162-14 is a Type 2 COME module that operates in extended temperature range (-40º⁰ to +85ºC)

    The CPU-162-14 is designed to operate in harsh environments, and features and extended temperature range, making it ideal for industrial projects; the CPU and ECC memory are direct mounted, which provides extra resilience to vibrations, to satisfy the requirements of transportation applications.

    The main features of the CPU-162-14 are:

    • Extended temperature versions for -40° to +85° operation
    • Direct mounted RAM and CPU to withstand stress and vibration
    • Intel® second generation Core i7 and i5, dual and quad core
    • Up to 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM
    • ECC support for high reliability
    • Type 2 pinout, COM Express Basic form factor
    • Three video ports including VGA, SDVO and LVDS
    • Support for Windows® 7, Windows® Embedded Standard 7 and Wind River Linux

    About Dynatem

    Dynatem, founded in 1981, is a designer and manufacturer of rugged, boards level products ideally suited to harsh environments, or environments where size, weight and power consumption are critical. Product offerings include single board computers based on VME, CompactPCI, VPX and COMe standards. Dynatem is part of the Eurotech Group, a world leader in pervasive computing with operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit

    About Eurotech

    Eurotech (ETH.MI) is a global company that integrates hardware, software, services and expertise to deliver embedded computing platforms and sub-systems to leading OEMs, system integrators and enterprise customers for successful and efficient deployment of their products and services. Drawing on concepts of minimalist computing, Eurotech lowers power draw, minimizes physical size and reduces coding complexity to bring sensors, embedded platforms, sub-systems, ready-to-use devices and high performance computers to market, specializing in defense, transportation, industrial and medical segments. By combining domain expertise in wireless connectivity as well as communications protocols, Eurotech architects platforms that simplify data capture, processing and transfer over unified communications networks. Learn more about Eurotech at

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