The dedicated solution for railway air-conditioning

Railway vehicles shall be robust, reliable and energy-efficient. And what applies to them, is also important to its components such as refrigeration compressors.

BITZER has decades of experience with manufacturing compressor equipment for the most varied air-conditioning applications associated with railway carriages.
The specialist for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology has developed the reciprocating compressor series ECOLINE H to manage railway specific challenges.

For temperature control, the ECOLINE H can be equipped with VARISTEP – one of the easiest but even most precise types of mechanical capacity regulation.

VARISTEP is based on the tried-and-tested system of blocked suction and enables to control the cooling capacity of reciprocating compressors to be adjusted in fine steps under all operating conditions.

Its unbeatable benefit, the capacity regulator permits an extended range of control from 10 to 100 per cent.

That enables outstanding full-load and part-load efficiency and thus contributes to improved efficiency of the entire air-conditioning system, protects the environment and lowers operating costs. Hot-gas-bypass is no longer needed.

No matter on high speed trains or locomotives – ECOLINE H compressors have proven themselves in several projects around the globe.
In this advanced compressor design, the drive gear has been adapted to meet the exceptional requirements of railway use and to function reliably even under difficult operating conditions.

The wide application range of ECOLINE H is also covered through applicability at very high condensation and ambient temperatures.

That makes them well-fitting to be applied in Mediterranean climates such as in Israel, where the next 1,000 ECOLINE compressors including VARISTEP are short before service.

In moderate climates but neither less difficult environmental conditions such as present in the Eurotunnel, HVAC manufacturers are relying on the quality of ECOLINE H compressors.

The world’s largest underwater tunnel and its rail vehicles have been in operation since 1994.

After such a long period of service these rail vehicles are going to be refurbished and the existing 438 air-conditioning systems will be equipped with BITZER ECOLINE H compressors – 876 compressors altogether.

And for an accurate temperature control, these compressors will be also equipped with VARISTEP due to quick thermal changes when entering the tunnel.

Another benefit of reciprocating compressors are their high serviceability: in contrast to other compressor technologies, ECOLINE H can be repaired and overhauled.
Repairs and overhauls are offered by BITZER’s extensive service network Green Point which caters for corrective as well as preventive maintenance.

To meet the latest requirements, BITZER has approved its ECOLINE H compressor series for the use with all relevant refrigerants, including alternatives like R513A and R1234yf.

Even for natural refrigerants such as CO2 reciprocating compressors are available. BITZER has been developing and manufacturing compressors for CO2 solutions for almost 20 years and can now offer a large product range with a very wide range of applications. VARISTEP is also suitable for use with CO2.

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