Luciano Borges
Vice President - MTI Cluster
General Director - SIANA

MTI stands for Morocco TraIndustry

MTI stands for Morocco TraIndustry

An industrial cluster created last summer in Morocco with the target to develop industrial capabilities to serve the Mobility Industry, particularly the railway one.

19 Founders... with the aim to conglomerate and welcome maximum of members

19 Founders among which:

- the National Railway Operator ONCF together with 3 of its industry related subsidies (SIANA, INFRAWAY and SBM)

- 5 Universities, Test Laboratories and Research Center (EMI, UIR, MaSCIR, CETIM, RECTIM)

- Historical Rail partners as well as small/ medium sized companies covering wide spectrum of technologies

The aim of MTI Cluster is to take benefits from the new investment cycle of the Rail Industry in Morocco (trains fleet increase and renewal, future High Speed Lines, ...) to develop a competitive Moroccan Technical Offer to ... Morocco, Africa and beyond ! Durability, Agility, Competitiveness, Track record ... these are main strenghs on offer to attract best in class actors to develop or to join.