Pascal Pin
Vice President at TOTEM Cluster


BtoB Rail caught up with Pascal Pin, Vice President at TOTEM Cluster

What is the TOTEM cluster?

New regional TOTEM cluster for Transport Of TErrestrial and Maritime, located in Occitania (South France Region) is the result of a choice of Occitania within the framework of the specialization of European Regions initiated by the European Commission in Brussels.

TOTEM specializes in the Automotive, Railway, Maritime sectors and in a complementary manner the Ecosystem sector which promote collaboration with other regional sectors such as aeronautics, energy or even industry 4.0.

Key figures of collective power:

• 3-year objective: + 200 members, or more than 30,000 jobs in Occitania

• Location in 29 countries

• More than 1,500 customer and prescriber contacts

• Strong skills in smart and sustainable systems

The ambition is to build a daring, recognized and attractive multimodal valley using our base of technologies.

Playing collectively is no longer an option but a necessity!

The regrouping of these sectors corresponds to an important trend in multimodality. For example, metropolitan areas have to combine road and rail to meet public transport or even last mile logistics.

In addition to the combination of transport modes, convergence is also observed with technologies used such as Artificial Intelligence, Digitization (digital twins, BIM, Sensor networks), Power electronics, Energy management, New energies, Hydrogen, Batteries, hybridization, CNG, Cybersecurity, GNSS, Autonomous systems, 5G, Mechanics & materials, ITS.

It is therefore important to promote networking between members and create a culture of mutual aid and strong collective actions.

Our actions are organized around 4 missions

• Business: Gain market share and promote our fabric of SMEs at regional, national and international level. With the collective approach, we are able to identify the right suppliers to respond in a targeted or grouped manner to a need. Due to the strong internationalization of our companies, we are able to support clients on international markets.

• Innovation & major programs: Accelerate change through innovation and experimentation in Occitania. Thanks to its many research laboratories and its local aeronautics, rail, defense and automotive industries, we participate in many regional, national (PIA4) and European projects.

• Attractiveness & networking: Become an international showcase for intelligent and sustainable mobility with leading companies, platforms, research and training centers. We are open to national, European and international partnerships to collaborate on complementarities or common objectives.

• Skills & training: Aim for leadership in key Occitania technologies and become an international training center.

“Each territory has its strengths in its academic and industrial fabric, it is important to capitalize on these strengths and maximize operational complementarities.”

Mr. Pascal Pin, you are the rail vice president of the TOTEM cluster, can you explain to us how each of the sectors is managed within TOTEM?

The TOTEM cluster is chaired by Thierry Cammal (CEO of Renault Software Labs, Alliance Global Vice President, Renault Software Factory) and his priority objective is to preserve a balance between the expectations of our SMEs and large industrialists. Vice-Presidencies focused by sector give specific strategic directions, to benefit from the participation of large Groups in the national rail, automobile and maritime sectors to share the major strategies pursued in these sectors as well as the major associated federating programs, to all members.

Together we support and materialize, in Occitania, the national strategic plan for the rail sector thanks to the DNA of the TOTEM cluster: Business in a pack, innovation, attractiveness & visibility, training ... and their ecosystem in order to approach land mobility in a holistic way. We also identify the bridges and common subjects between the rail, maritime and automotive sectors.

Do you have examples of actions on the rail?

At the regional level, we unite members around offers such as the 3rd Toulouse metro line, the renovations of regional AGC trains, the new supply chain of the manufacturer CAF. In order to better coordinate ourselves on experiments on satellite navigation technologies, hydogen, 5G, we are discussing within a regional strategic mobility committee.

At the national level, I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Rail Industrialists. So I took part in the discussions on the national recovery plan. This is an important important lever for making the link between regional and national initiatives. The innovation roadmap, for example, was drawn up in partnership with 4 of the largest French industrial players. This roadmap sets out the major challenges for the sector and structures the setting up of an innovation consortium. In addition, we always seek to reach a critical size when we organize actions, which is why I chair the national interclustering on the rail which also allows better coordination at the national level.

Internationally, I lead the IFF internationalization committee to target destinations. For example, in 2021 we piloted with CFCIM a mission with 22 companies in Morocco. We have invited members of other national clusters to join us. Germany is also an important destination with Innotrans as the must-see trade fair.

Why do you always put the emphasis on collaborations?

The rail industry is a sector of the future with many advantages on the environmental side and collaborations to be strengthened with other modes of transport in multimodal logistics in particular.

Each territory has its strengths in its academic and industrial fabric, it is important to capitalize on these strengths and maximize operational complementarities.

Finally, this market is structurally complex and global which must become more agile. The targeting and prioritization of regional, national and international actions are more necessary than ever. Now it is up to each of us to build a culture of the collective necessary for the success of each and every one!

“We’re looking forward to talk with you”

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