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Btobrail provides a select and ready-to-use database, expanded and updated on a daily basis. It enables you to adapt your emailing contacts to your business strategy, and deliver your chosen message: newsletter, brochure, press pack, invitation to events....

Our website is essentially visited by management and technical executive working in the key transport industries, network-purchasing managers and international consultants.

The first step to every successful marketing campaign segment and profile your target group from major corporations to small business, the body of executive, decision-makers is always large and diverse.


with an advanced website, aiming to maximize your online visibility


with targeted emailing, key to successful operational marketing


with all the top decision makers in the sector

3 commitments

A team of experts offering a comprehensive view of the rail industry, using effective marketing tools to boost partnerships with your clients, providing global and targeted digital strategies

1/ INCREASE client loyalty

using B2B Rail, personalized approach to communications, and build active partnerships with Leads generation, the made-to-measure solution for a mass market.

2/ PROSPECT target audience

using an effective, and cost-efficient approach.

3/ COMMUNICATE effectively

considering that digital communication is at the heart of every development strategy.


This proactive approach guarantees our readers receive up to-the-moment information, while our partners benefit from high and constant visibility.

Gain customer loyalty through e-marketing

We have identified the main decision makers in our markets.
We have a large, certified database of opt-in contacts


  • A clear viewpoint on the transport news worldwide
  • offering high returns on investment
  • Key role at conventions and trade fairs

Fusing email campaigns with content marketing automation means your leads, contacts and clients are delivered only the most topical info, at the most appropriate times. Once you have a strategic direction, there's nothing more important than creating a thoughtful user experience. After all, you want people to come back for round two, don't you?

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