Safety on the rails

BITZER, the specialist for refrigeration and air conditioning technology, supports operators of rail vehicles by providing products that meet the highest quality requirements – this includes compliance with the current railway standards.

The evaluation of products suitable for railways is crucial: anything that does not comply with the current standards is not an option for railways – because safety is the top priority on the rails. With its refrigeration compressors, the traditional company BITZER supplies essential components for rail vehicles that meet the high safety requirements in the railway sector. Two examples:

DIN EN 45545: the fire protection standard
All BITZER compressors used in railway applications comply with the DIN EN 45545 fire protection standard.

DIN EN 15085: the welding standard
For its screw compressors of the VSK series and for the scroll compressors of the ELH series, BITZER has used a special design for the mounting feet in order to comply with the DIN EN 15085 welding standard applied in railway engineering.

Based on decades of know-how and experience, these compressors are designed for the specific needs of railway air conditioning systems. Thanks to generously sized roller bearings, the compressors are exceptionally reliable with a long service life. Due to the large frequency range available, the compressor cooling capacity can be optimally aligned to any cooling requirements. A mechanical capacity regulator can be used on the VSK31 and VSK41 models.

ELH/ELA compressors are proven technology solutions for railway applications based on many years of know-how and experience. Due to their horizontal, space-saving design, these scroll compressors are well suited to compact air conditioning systems. Thanks to low noise and vibration levels, the scroll compressors ensure smooth operation. They also boast a large displacement range and are optimised for R134a, with easy retrofitting for existing low-GWP refrigerants.

The H series is an advanced development of the proven ECOLINE compressor series. The innovative drive gear has been adapted to ensure reliability in highly demanding operating conditions, fulfilling the unique requirements of railway applications. Both the large frequency range and the optional VARISTEP mechanical capacity control ensure a superior capacity modulation range. For example, with 4-cylinder compressors a capacity range of 10 .. 100 per cent can be achieved. Learn more at