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    Frauscher offers innovative solutions, tailored to the individual requirements of customers worldwide in the field of axle counting and wheel detection. In doing so, we strive to provide system integrators and railway operators with the best possible support throughout the entire life cycle of our products and beyond, enabling them to access the information they need. Thanks to large scale flexibility, our products and solutions are able to meet the individual requirements of various applications, ensuring its safe and reliable functioning. Moreover, the versatile nature of our solutions grants them the ability to seamlessly integrate with various advanced and conventional technologies. Frauscher systems also feature easy and convenient installation, flexible design and products with low life-cycle and maintenance costs.

    Product Portfolio

    Wheel Detection Axle Counting Tools
    Wheel sensors FAdC® FDS
    Wheel detection systems FAdCi® ASD

    A worldwide network of locations and partners ensures a strong supply chain and optimum customer support around the globe. Frauscher experts are present in international markets to provide full customer support through entire project life cycles. This includes comprehensive pre and after sales service, and individual trainings, which enable their customers to individually design, configure, install, adapt and maintain all components and systems.

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    Wheel Detection
    Many years of worldwide experience have enabled Frauscher to develop wheel sensors that are characterised by maximum availability.

    Even when subjected to extreme temperatures, vibrations and electromagnetic interference, Frauscher wheel sensors generate reliable data for both vital and non-vital applications. The patented rail claws and the plug-in connection available on some models also facilitate significantly faster mounting of Frauscher wheel sensors.

    Additionally, low maintenance requirements minimize life cycle costs. For realising vital applications, Frauscher provides its customers with proven wheel detection systems.

    The Wheel Sensor RSR110 can be integrated quickly and simply into individual applications via its analogue interface or the Wheel Signal Converter WSC, as well as customer specific solutions for digitising the signal.

    Axle Counting

    With a portfolio of four axle counters, Frauscher offers its customers around the globe optimal solutions for their functional, operational and infrastructural requirements. Frauscher axle counters provide a wide range of information that goes beyond just train detection. This information can be provided via state-of-the-art software interfaces using the latest Ethernet communication technologies.

    Connection to high-performance electronic interlockings is possible both via customer-specific protocols and via the freely available Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE. At the same time, Frauscher axle counters can be integrated into interlockings and signalling systems via common hardware interfaces such as relays. All Frauscher axle counting solutions are modular and scalable. Both system integrators and operators can configure, commission, maintain and adapt them quickly and easily.

    Innovative tools offer additional support during installation and operation. For example, Frauscher offers individually adaptable, future-proof diagnostic solutions that exploit the potential of increasing digitalisation in the railway industry. Databases and diagnostic systems, which can run both on-premises and in a cloud, enable intelligent monitoring of entire railway networks. They thus support the efficient planning and implementation of preventive maintenance measures.

    High quality wheel detection and axle counting solutions
    The Frauscher company is certified according to IRIS (ISO/TS 22163) Rev. 3, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. The axle counters of the technology leader comply with CENELEC SIL 4 safety standards and offer the highest level of availability and reliability. Global signalling companies such as Alstom, Bombardier, CRSC, Hitachi and Siemens rely on the precision, versatility and advanced technology of the company's products.

    Some of the world's largest and best-known railway operators use Frauscher wheel sensors and axle counters – including some of the most modern metro and transit networks. With more than 500 employees, locations, offices and sales partners on all continents in more than 30 nations, Frauscher is able to offer both technical and economical solutions according to local requirements. On this basis, more than 200,000 wheel sensors have been installed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

    Frauscher Fact Box

    • Technology leader in wheel detection and axle counting
    • 500+ Employees worldwide (320 AT | 220 in global locations)
    • Installed base of more than 200,000 wheel sensors in more than 100 countries

    Wheel Sensors

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    Axle Counters

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    Frauscher Sensor Technology joins the Delachaux Group

    St. Marienkirchen/Austria, Colombes/France. The acquisition of the Frauscher Sensor Technology Group GmbH by the French Delachaux Group was closed on 28 February 2019. The Delachaux Group now holds the major share in the company. The remaining shares are held by the Frauscher Management Team.

    Founded in 1902, the Delachaux Group is a global leader in mission-critical engineered solutions. The group’s businesses, Pandrol (Rail Infrastructure), Conductix-Wampfler (Energy & Data Management Systems) and DCX Chrome (Chromium Metal) are world-renowned for their historical know-how and ability to innovate.

    As a technology leader for wheel detection, axle counting and tracking solutions, Frauscher fits perfectly into Delachaux’ vision and history. By joining Delachaux’ other businesses, Frauscher adds their impressive line of products, services and systems to the group’s portfolio, which consists of solutions that are essential for the safety, reliability and efficiency of their customers' equipment and infrastructure.



    A leader in wheel detection and axle counting, Frauscher Sensor Technology is looking to take track and train monitoring into the next dimension. Since launching its Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS, based on Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, in 2016, the Austrian supplier has been busy demonstrating its applications on networks across the globe.

    Given the growing numbers of rail passengers worldwide, operators and infrastructure managers are under increasing capacity pressure. Keeping track and train downtime to a minimum, while maintaining high levels of safety, has never been so critical. Maximum availability across entire networks is now the name of the game.

    Yet delivering such highly efficient rail operations calls for consistent monitoring in real time of components of every track and train. This explains why, over the past five years, interest in fibre optic acoustic sensing, based on technologies such as DAS, has gained momentum among railway operators and signalling experts.



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