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    ALMAVIVA Absolute Digital

    Standing beside organisations that tackle digital change each day with technological solutions that improve systems, operating processes and service levels.

    AlmavivA supports the country’s digital growth processes and takes up the challenge that each company must face to remain competitive, by innovating its own business model, organisation, company culture and ICT system.

    Internet of Things, blockchains, machine learning & artificial intelligence, cyber security. By merging complex systems and emerging technologies, AlmavivA offers premium services that ensure continuity of the service, privacy and security of data.

    AlmavivA boasts specific experience in the design, creation and management of “mission critical” systems, thanks to its extensive knowledge of the markets and of its clients’ business, certified infrastructures and skills, an extensive international network of industrial and scientific partnerships and an active presence in the open-source community with a vendor-independent approach.

    Highly flexible Hybrid Cloud solutions

    AlmavivA’s consulting and specialist support services guarantee the transition towards highly flexible hybrid cloud solutions that allow for dynamically exploiting a variable mix of infrastructures, depending on the client’s needs.

    Drawing maximum value from the Internet of Things and People

    For Industry 4.0 companies and digital-first administration bodies, AlmavivA offers systems for fully exploiting the Internet of Things and People, capable of generating new knowledge from information and data stemming from objects, processes and personal communications, which are analysed and interpreted in relation to the cultural, social and business contexts.

    Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchains

    Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchains: through technologies implementable in a secure and scalable way, AlmavivA supports clients geared towards radically transforming their processes and business by means of sustainable and integrated architectures.

    Predictive maintenance, automated quality control, anomaly & fraud detection, traceability of the production chain, monitoring of the territory and of the infrastructures are but some of the solutions that AlmavivA has already implemented in strategic sectors of the national economic fabric.

    Cyber Security, Privacy-by-Design and Privacy-by-Default 

    Focusing on the main IT security scenarios concerning cyber security, privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default, the AlmavivA end-to-end offer comprises the definition phase, integration of solutions and the provision of managed security services tailored to the client’s needs and based on the analysis of the risk and impact on the company’s organisation.

    Conversational Platforms

    The AlmavivA Group package includes people-centered technological solutions based on the interpretation of natural language, to achieve the utmost quality regarding the customer interaction and knowledge management process, specialised consulting in integrated business process outsourcing models and a broad range of services to support the customer journey according to a dynamic and multi-channel approach.

    The mission of bringing quality, expertise and innovation to all business areas in which the Group operates is entrusted to:

    12 technological laboratories:
    • Comprehension of natural language
    • Cyber Security
    • IoT & Knowledge of Everything
    • Smart Mobility
    • Facial & Biometric Recognition Technologies
    • Command and control systems C4ISTAR
    • Smart Ticketing
    • Speech recognition technologies
    • Distributed Ledger Technology
    • Mesh Application
    • Smart Energy & Facility Management
    • GIS & Spatial Thinking

    17 competence centers:
    • API Economy
    • Big Data & Advanced Analytics
    • DevOps & Low Code
    • Digital Customer Management
    • Document & Data Management
    • Enterprise Application Integration
    • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
    • Monetics & Mobile Payments
    • Open Data
    • Open Source
    • ERP Platforms and Enterprise Solutions
    • Process Automation
    • Project Management
    • Software Engineering
    • Web Development & Digital Communication
    • Test Engineering
    • Data Governance

    AlmavivA proposes technological solutions to improve systems, operating processes and service levels in Transportation & Logistics trough the MOOVA platform connecting different modes of transportation ecosystems into a unique technological advanced framework.

    MOOVA has a breakthrough potential and enhances the peculiar mobility component integrating the e2e process for passengers and freight. MOOVA platform looks at the future with cutting edge technologies such as Fast Data Processing, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Machine learning, and it will be instrumental to radically transform mobility and logistic businesses.

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